How to Decrease Body Fat Percentage and Fat Mass

Each and every one of us desires a healthy figure. This may mean an inch between the thighs, a flat stomach or even just a larger chest. But whatever the figure we want, it’s sure that we want less fat in our bodies; less of the bulge. And to do so, there are plenty methods and substances to make this battle an easier one. From exercise to Forskolin extract, the duel against those flabs has taken a more modern approach.


Still hailed as the safest and most effective approaches, donning the running shoes and simply going out to sweat has helped thousands of people achieve the physique of their dreams. In terms of most weight-lost in the shortest amount of time, the HHIT work-out stands at the top of all exercise methods.

Also known as high intensity interval training, HTTP operates around the premise of doing as much as you can in the shortest possible time. Instead of light jogging for about an hour, HIIT insists that you sprint with all that you can for about a minute. Using as much energy as you can places the body in a state of extreme calorie burning and increased metabolic rates, thus burning more fat after your workout.

You HIITcan practice HIIT in many different ways. You can jog, bike and lift through HIIT. As long as you’re giving it everything you’ve got in a short period of time for several times in succession, you’re working HIIT. The best thing about this is that you don’t need a personal trainer to walk you through HIIT. A few online articles on the approach and you’re good to go!

But HIIT doesn’t just happen after one big burst of everything you’ve got. After sprinting for a minute, you take a rest for two minutes and then give another burst. Repeating this process about three times constitutes a complete workout. This means a full HIIT workout could take half an hour at the longest.

Decreasing body fat percentage through exercise and working out does two things for you. First, it forces your body to use your stored fats as fuel for energy. That means putting that bulge to good use before throwing it away. Second, it helps increase muscle mass by destroying muscle tissue and forcing the body to repair the tissue and make it stronger and leaner. So if you’ve got the right workout, you can see results in a few months.

The Paleo Diet

Diets are no stranger to weight loss as well. But it begs the question of “what kind of diet” you want to use to lose those pounds. And in today’s information-rich environment, there are plenty diets available.

The most prevalent diet in the market today is known as the Paleo Diet. This approach promotes the avoidance of modern-day additives and cooking methods in exchange for more natural items. This is a protein-heavy, gluten-abstaining diet that is catching fire in many countries. No more “just salads” and stoic portion control. It also allows chocolates and desserts!


This has to be the most expensive and immediate method to getting the body that you want. Depending on the parts of the body that need attention, various services are available. These are provided by plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics. Tummy tucks, liposuction and other surgical methods can be availed for those with the extra dollars to shell out. You’re looking at something in between $5000 to $10000 depending on what kind of work you need done.

Of course, there are cheaper, non-surgical alternatives that can be attained such as laser surgery and body sculpting that can be done in several sessions stretched over a certain period of time. These are cheaper and could cost you less than $500 per session.

Forskolin Extract

Of course, there are also substances that you can take in order to get your body to do more of what you want. Plenty of choices in the market make it a challenge for the fat buster to find something that really works for them.

Forskolin extract is one of the latest natural substances circulating the airwaves as of the moment. Composed solely of essences of a certain flower, this supplement is known to increase body metabolism Purist-Health-Forskolinin order to lose weight.

This works by increasing your body’s energy requirement, forcing it to look into fat reserves in the outer layers of the skin. Users are said to experience having more energy to get them through the day as well as an increase in appetite. During sleep, the body continues to metabolize and burn off fat even while not working out. If coupled with exercise, this supplement has the potential to cut off a few inches of your waist in weeks.

Using Forskolin for weight loss is as easy as taking multivitamins. An ideal Forskolin dosage for beginners starts at one Forskolin 250 mg tablet per day. This dosage can be taken at any time of the day. But experts advise to take it in the morning along with breakfast to compliment the body’s circadian rhythm of increased metabolism when the sun comes up.

But no matter what method you use, you can always be certain of one thing: There is no such thing as a miracle fat-loss method. If it takes a person time to become fat, it will also take the same person some time to lose that weight. Remember that our bodies are not machines that can instantly be upgraded anytime that we wish. Our bodies are composed to interdependent systems that work in harmony to keep us alive. When we introduce change into such a system, it will take some time for our bodies to get used to it before we can notice the effects of our efforts. The key trick to losing weight is being consistent and patient with what we do.